Presets For Lightroom 5

  • Version 5 of Lightroom introduction
  • Presets and its uses
  • Where to download

Considered by many as the most elegant photo editor today, Lightroom 5 has significant improvements from its previous version. The main upgrade as you call it is the Advanced Healing Brush. Previously in version 4, it was called Spot Removal Tool, but Adobe has reworked and upgraded its capabilities. For a more in depth look about that feature, you better read a full review of the software. But overall, both critics and users say that the version 5 of Lightroom is a significantly better version than the older one both in performance and functionality.


Now on to the good stuff. Lightroom Presets 5 is still available and much better in the new version. With all the addition of the new features in version 5, you can now save and export much better presets. What you have to remember with presets is that it is a very useful option for batch edits. If you don’t mind your photographs having the same filters, then this is your best option. This is especially good if you have a photography business. Once you are able to make or find a good preset say for example wedding pictures, you can edit pictures by bulk and just apply the same preset to all those pictures. That way, you can reduce the time of editing photos and more importantly, you can process more and get paid more. That is the real beauty of Lightroom presets 5.

If you are looking for very good and professional grade presets though, there is one site that I can recommend to you. Visit and go check out their Lightroom version 5 presets. They have sample images of the applied preset so you will have a clear idea of what that preset does. Believe me, I found those presets very useful for my needs. You should too!

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