Handling Lightroom Presets and Handling it Well

  • Knowing how to use these presets for Lightroom on your photo editing
  • A quick take on how to download and use Lightroom presets
  • Improving your chances of getting accolades online by using presets to your photo editing

It would be great if you know how to use Lightroom presets when editing your photos. It wouldn’t be a problem for these new breed of photographers because they are already using these tools even before starting a career in photography. But for these old school photographers, the process is still an uphill battle.


It is imperative that you know how to use Lightroom presets today if you want to compete with these new brass of modern photographers. Gone are those days when editing a photo involves a dark room and some heavy equipment at your side for you to come up with that desired effect on your photo. Today, however, all you need is a quick download, and the rest will take care of itself.

Here’s a quick take on how to install these tools and how to use Lightroom presets after:

  • Get that desired preset online
  • After which, uncompress your files
  • Then open Lightroom (if you’re using a Mac, it is located on the top menu bar with Lightroom > Preference; for Windows, locate Edit > Preferences)
  • As soon as the (Preferences) box appears, choose Presets tab
  • Then click on “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…”
  • A new folder will appear then. Open the (Lightroom) folder, then open “Develop Presets” folder
  • Then copy and paste it into this folder
  • Restart Lightroom

Knowing how to use Lightroom presets has its own perks, and only those who has the habit of using these tools know that quite well. Discover the benefits of using these presets, and get the kind of enhancement you’ve been dreaming of, that sort of enhancement that will get you so many accolades online.

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