Presets For Lightroom 5

Version 5 of Lightroom introduction Presets and its uses Where to download Considered by many as the most elegant photo editor today, Lightroom 5 has significant improvements from its previous version. The main upgrade as you call it is the Advanced Healing Brush. Previously in version 4, it was called Spot Removal Tool, but Adobe has reworked and upgraded its capabilities. For a more in depth look about that feature, you better read a full review of the software. But overall, both critics and users say that the version 5 of Lightroom is a significantly better version than the older one both in performance and functionality. Now on to the good stuff. Lightroom Presets 5 is still available and much better in the new version. With all the addition of the new features in version 5, you can now save and export much better presets. What you have to remember with presets is that it is a very useful option for batch edits. If you don’t mind your photographs having the same filters, then this is your best option. This is especially good if you have a photography business. Once you are able to make or find a good preset say for example wedding pictures, you can edit pictures by bulk and just apply the same preset to all those pictures. That way, you can reduce the time of editing photos and more importantly, you can process more and get paid more. That is the real beauty of Lightroom presets 5. If you are looking for very good and professional grade presets though, there is one site that I can recommend to you. Visit and go check out their Lightroom version 5 presets. They have sample images of the applied preset so you will have a clear idea of what that preset does. Believe me, I found those presets very useful for my needs. You should too!

Why the Need to Read Action Cam Reviews

Reading action cam reviews before buying A collection or list of the best action cams online Developing your craft as a photographer or videographer with these action cams If you’re someone who is not into these gadget reviews, then you should start reading one today. A lot of tools and gadgets are sprouting by the minute, and each of it has a specific feature, so it is imperative that you need to examine these gadgets first before cashing in on them. So these reviews do have their value after all. Needless to say, reading reviews also apply when you’re about to purchase an action camera. These are gadgets that are relatively new on the market, and quite advanced as far as making videos are concerned. And if you don’t read a review about it, chances are, you’ll find yourself at a loss on how to use or even take care of these tools. See more action cam reviews here. It pays to read a good review, though, aside from getting enough information about a particular gadget, you are also given a listing of the latest trends in action cams. Most of these reviews offer a list, whether it’s the best action cam for the year or a listing of the coolest quadcopters for your outdoor scenes. So, if you want to know more about these gadgets, see more action cam reviews here. Be an informed photographer or videographer. It helps that you can read a review or two because is a form of an upgrade, not just for your images, but more so for your growth as a photographer. And if you’re running a photography business, all the more you should read these reviews on a daily basis. That is where you start your development by being equipped with what and how to use these cool cameras. See more action cam reviews here.

3 Cool Editing Types from Sleeklens

Photo editing services online The basic, advanced, and retouching services when editing photographs via Cropping images, formatting, background adjustment and spot coloring for your advanced photo editing Seldom can you find a site online that offers editing services for your photos. Sleeklens does it with ease. See more edits by Sleeklens here, There are 3 basic editing services in Sleeklens: Basic, Advanced, and Retouch Pro Editing. The Basics – Basic photo editing with Sleeklens allows you to edit the normal elements of your photographs like color, light and texture. But, mind you, even a basic editing with Sleeklens is capable of transforming your trite images into quality ones, with some added depth, of course. See more edits by Sleeklens here, That Advanced State – Advanced photo editing consists of cropping images, formatting, background adjustment and spot coloring. These, and a whole lot more, are some of the things you can get with an advanced form of editing in Sleeklens. See more edits by Sleeklens here, Retouch This – If you want an even more detailed enhancement, you can always go Retouch Pro Editing, where you can even merge photos and add some age defying beautification, which is the main feature of this editing type. For additional information about Retouch Pro, see more edits by Sleeklens here, By the looks of it, Sleeklens has all the tools for that photo editing you’ve always wanted, they offer the complete package. So, if you’re still using that old-fashioned way of editing your pictures, you better put a stop to it, and try one of these editing types that Sleeklens is offering. See more edits by Sleeklens here, Remember, having the right tools/solutions to your editing matters in photography. And besides, you really don’t want to look pale or trite in your pictures, don’t you?

The Cool, Creative List from Infoparrot

An online site that offers more than just editing photos Cute baby shower templates available at A collection of Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions for your photo editing, courtesy of Wanting to make some improvements to your photos? Well, you don’t need to go far and wide online just to have that kind of enhancement, this Infoparrot list will cover everything for you. You would be surprised at how varied and diversified this Infoparrot list for the improvement of your images, because it even enhances the design of a particular object of which your image is a part of, like posters and invitation cards. Here’s a short, quick view of the many templates and photo enhancing solutions that you can get and use from this Infoparrot list: Lightroom Presets 400+ Best Free Download for Adobe Lightroom Photoshop Shortcuts for the Brush Tool Amazing Web Font Deals Everyone Want! 15 Adorable Baby Shower Templates for your Clients The Best Etsy Baners You Will Find on the Internet! From the looks of it, everything you need are all in this short Infoparrot list, from presets to Photoshop brushes to web fonts to banners, including the ever popular baby shower templates. So, what more can you ask for? This Infoparrot list shows you why more and more photographers and designers are rooting for this site every time they are in need of some enhancements to their images. Needless to say, you can have these kinds of enhancements, too, only if you check out this Infoparrot list on their website. It pays to have this list with you. You need not concern yourself anymore with what sort of tools you need to use for the improvement of your images, this Infoparrot list has it all covered. For more about this list, visit

My Wedding Photography Equipment

A regular topic of discussion with my photographer friends is the kit we all use at a wedding.  So I thought I would detail mine here for anyone who is interested or thinking of getting into the wedding photography business.  Wedding photography requires an extensive range of equipment and is usually acquired and adapted to suit your style over a period of years.  Of course all photographers work in different ways and what works for one may not suit another. Cameras Nikon D800 (36MP) (with vertical grip) Nikon D700 (12MP) Nikon D7000 (16MP) The D800 is the camera I use the most and is a great piece of kit.  Very good low light performance and excellent dynamic range.

Do I really need 2 wedding photographers?

Do I really need 2 wedding photographers? – This is such a popular question and one I get asked on a weekly basis. The truth is two photographers can do a great job, and equally one photographer can do a great job. I have shot many weddings on my own and many as part of a pair. In the last few years 95% of the weddings I have covered have been with my wife Mandy as my 2nd (candid) shooter. We’ve found this works really well and the result is an excellent portfolio of images which capture your day in its entirety whilst also being fun and natural. One of the main reasons for our success is Mandy has the freedom to follow the moment. If she sees a group of guests laughing and giggling then that’s where she will head. As the main photographer I do not have the same luxury. For example, if the bride and groom ask me to take some group shots then that is what I must do. However, the wedding doesn’t stop, the rest of the guests are still enjoying the day and having fun. Imagine there are some children playing on the grass nearby? It would be very unprofessional of me to leave my group shot and start photographing elsewhere. Can you imagine the look on grannies face if I were just to walk off. I always work with Mandy and over the years we have developed an excellent understanding. We both know where each other should be at different times to capture those special moments. If ever she’s not around it’s because there’s something exciting happening elsewhere. Many venues are expansive and guests like to explore! A typical set of wedding images with be 80% mine and 20% Mandy’s. When I compare weddings where I have worked alone with ones where we have worked together, there is no comparison. Mandy’s imagines blended amongst my own produce the perfect portfolio. Another major advantage of having two photographers is not having to move around during key parts of the day. One of the most important things about wedding photography is the ability of the photographer to remain candid and unobtrusive. The focus should be on the bride and groom, guests should not be distracted by a photographer moving around to get shots from different angles. Obviously one photographer cannot be in two places at the same time. Also, some priests are insistent that you stay in the same position throughout the ceremony. Below are some images which will hopefully clarify one the benefits of two photographers.